MiMa Ingelheim "Lies and deception”

- sponsored by Midas - 

On August 7, 2021, the MiMa in Ingelheim has opened its doors for the 18th time and invites young and old to the interactive exhibition in the old market hall. Under the motto " Lies and deception” this year everything is about lies, truths, illusions and the diverse phenomena of sensory illusions.

MiMa's interactive world of hands-on activities has become a permanent part of the regional calendar of events. Families, kindergartens, childcare centers and school classes come regularly to go on a journey of discovery experiencing the exhibition with all their senses.

The exhibition was designed by Akki - Aktion & Kultur mit Kindern e.V. The institution for cultural education is a long-standing partner of the association Mitmachausstellung e.V. in Ingelheim and aims to enable and promote independent experiential learning and exploration with its traveling exhibitions. Under the organizational direction of Stefanie Firyn and Renata Stark and the artistic direction of Katja von Puttkamer, the various stations of MiMa were carefully selected and embedded in an overall concept in terms of content and space.

To realize the exhibition, the association is depending on financial support and the dedicated work of volunteers. We are pleased to contribute to this great exhibition as a sponsor this year.

Stefanie Firyn,
Chairwoman of the Board MitMachAusstellung e.V.

"This year's MiMa is training the senses and is intended to make evident how close truth, lies and illusion are. Visitors of the exhibition will be able to experience at first-hand how easy it is to manipulate the truth. The various stations raise awareness of this topical subject."

MiMa Ingelheim - Touching desired, lying allowed

The idea behind "Lies and Deception" is as relevant today as it was in the past: Where is the line between truth and lies, between reality and illusion? The exhibition impressively demonstrates the importance of questioning and recognizing manipulation mechanisms in a sensible way.

Colleagues from the Midas team who visited MiMa with their children a few days ago enthusiastically confirmed that the successful MiMa concept helps to gain playful access to topics from our direct environment. Complex issues become more understandable and tangible (oder concrete) by experiencing those with all senses. During the discovery tour guides assist at the various stations by answering questions and providing little hints to the kids to get them on the right track.

FAZIT: Absolutely recommendable!

Open until October 24th.

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