Sustainability at Midas Pharma

For Midas as a company, Health, Safety, Environment (HSE) and Ethics are important factors to assure a sustainable business in the future. Each and every one of us is responsible to protect our environment, our people and our customers. We also encourage our suppliers to share our values and to support us in achieving our sustainability goals.

HSE initiatives at Midas

We already achieved a lot, especially in the areas of safety, biodiversity and usage of renewable energy. You will learn more about these initiatives in a series of special articles on our webpage.

In order to make sure that HSE related activities have a secular effect we have summarized our commitments with respect to Health, Safety, Environment, Community, Quality and Ethics  in “Our Credo” which is signed by K.H. Schleicher and the Managing Directors.

In addition, we have embedded our HSE Management System in our Quality Manual following ISO 9001 principles and linked it to our “Code of Conduct” and our “Third Party Supplier Code”.

Even more important than the system, however, are the people who bring this vision to life. We therefore call on all of our employees to actively shape this path, be it as a provider of ideas or as a project supervisor or as active participant who integrates our principles into their day to day activities.

We also have to permanently rethink our approach with respect to Sustainability, because developments in this area are advancing rapidly. Our aim is to adapt our concept, or to include new approaches in a timely manner. 

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